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Tournament Results – Sunshine Coast (13 March 2016)

Congratulations to all competitors stepping up at our first tournament for the year.  There were a lot of great things to see at the tournament.

  • The new venue of Kuluin State School was great for setup and pack up being so close to the dojo, lots of space and a great facility.
  • The standard of competition is continuing to rise from both Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast dojos.
  • A large brown & black belt kata division, with lots very good performances.
  • Great sportsmanship from all competitors.
  • Lots of new referees & judges stepping up to get more experience
  • First aid by Renee Kessells was very professional always ready to help.  Although first was required a bit too much, it was thankfully only for minor injuries all around.
  • Very helpful volunteers, aside from those already mentioned – table officials, canteen/BBQ, setup & pack up, event marshals.
  • And of course great support with competitor entries from the Gold Coast dojo.

Here’s a full listing of tournament results from the weekend.

Special mention to the overall tournament champions, who were the top performers in individual kata & kumite.

Junior Tournament Champion – Savannah Perdikis

Senior Tournament Champion – Klaudia Caston

Also a special mention to Lachalan Edwards, who was also in the running for Junior tournament champion after winning his division for both kata and kumite.  Although there was only one prize to award, so it went to the most senior compeitor (Savannah).  Not bad for Lachlan’s first tournament!

Also a few photos to enjoy, that I’ve borrowed from facebook.  I’m sure there will be lots more very soon as I saw Jane very busy with her camera!


Junior Kumite Action



Rd 5 Qld Circuit – Friendship Tournament Results

The final Sunshine Coast tournament for this was a team challenge friendship tournament.  Held at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Sunday, 6th September 2015.  This was our biggest tournament of the year, with a total of 6 teams (of up to 15 members) entered.  There were 3 teams from Maroochydore dojo, 1 team from Pacific Paradise Dojo (with a few ring ins), plus 2 teams from the Gold Coast.  Each competitor earned points for each event entered, plus extra points were earned for all top 3 places.

The winning team was Karate Train, lead by Bailey Keefe.

Tournament Champions

  • Little Champion – Van Topham
  • Junior Champion – Renae Saunders
  • Senior Champion – Raphael Borleis

Full result list is available for download (PDF 367KB).

With only one tournament to go, the QLD tournament circuit season rankings are now getting exciting.  After round 5, the top 5 positions are as follows:

  1. Bailey Keefe (79 points)
  2. Klaudia Caston (70 points)
  3. Luke Marriott (59 points)
  4. Renae Saunders (53 points)
  5. Jack Graham (42 points)
    Kazumi Tominaga (42 points)
    Luke Jones (42 points)

Download a full list of the 2015 QLD Tournament Circuit Season Rankings (after round 5) – PDF downlaod, 118KB.

A huge congratulations to all of the first time competitors.  A big thank you to volunteers, officials and supporters.  Especially a big thank you to Jane Graham for once again taking some great photos.  There are a few photos below, but be sure to check out all the photos on her facebook page

Jane Graham Karate Photographya few pacific paradise kids

ready for march in

kumite tag

getting ready for kata

karate train

paradise pandas

llama face

shinobi shadow squad

fluffies bunnies


QLD Tournament Circuit – Rd 3 Results

Once again a huge thank you to all volunteers for making today’s Sunshine Coast tournament such a great success (Sunday, 14th June 2015).  Lots of great competition, demonstration, new competitors stepping up, new judges getting some experience.

Well done competitors and thank you to parents and supporters.

Congratulations to our tournament champions.

  • Junior Champion – Bailey Keefe (Sunshine Coast)
  • Senior Champion – Raphael Borleis (Sunshine Coast)

Full results – 2015 QLD Chito-Ryu Tournament Circuit – Round 3 Results (PDF).

And – 2015 season rankings after round 3 (PDF).

Next tournament will be the QLD state titles on the Gold Coast, 9th August.  State titles will be double points.

Here are a few photos we managed to get throughout the day in between refereeing duties.  It’s days like these we really miss having Jane around with the amazing job she does with photography.  More photos available on the SCK facebook page.

QLD Tournament Circuit – Rd 1 Results

Last weekend saw the running of our first tournament for the year.  Being was round 1 of the 2015 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament Circuit at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Sunday 15th March.  While this was a relatively small tournament in terms of competitor numbers it was great to see that the standard of competition was still high and continuing to improve.

little-championsLittle champions patiently waiting for their turn at kata

As always a big thank you to all of the officials, volunteers and competitors who made the event possible.  There is an incredible amount of hours of work and preparation that goes into running every tournament from everyone involved, so THANK YOU.

Unfortunately on the day of the tournament, there were a few errors made with presentations and also the running of one of the kumite divisions.  Some trophies have been re-issued to the correct people and there is still one more to do for one of the Gold Coast competitors.  We never like to see this kind of mistake, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time.  From an organisational point of view we would once again like to apologise to those who were effected.

Now, the part you were waiting for….

Junior tournament champion – Van Topham (SC dojo), photo below
Senior tournament champion – Klaudia Caston (SC dojo)

Please note, the junior tournament champion cup was initially awarded to the wrong competitor due to a mix up of presentations of one of the individual kumite divisions.  But thankfully it was corrected and awarded to the correct person.  Well done Van, placing first in both individual kata and individual kumite, also on the winning team for team kata.

Once again thank you to everyone involved in the tournament.  Here a few pictures to enjoy.  Once again thank you to Jane Graham for these wonderful photos.  I believe she’s got lots more still to come, one they are uploaded to facebook, we’ll share the appropriate link.

One last reminder, round 2 tournament will be coming up Sun 3 May on the Gold Coast.  Entry forms are now available from the dojo.

bailey-keefe-kataBailey Keefe – performing “Bassai”

junior-kumiteJunior Kumite action

kobe-marriott-kataKobe Marriott – kata performance

tiahni-eley-kataTiahni Eley in action

van-topham-junior-championJunior Tournament Champion – Van Topham


Sunshine Coast Tournament – Team Challenge

Congratulations to all members for Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast dojos who competed at today’s team challenge tournament.  This was our final tournament of the year and the 5th round of the QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament circuit.

This year we have seen a big step up in the level of organisation of our local tournaments and this is largely due to the increase participation of seniors, members and parent volunteers.  A big part of this is thanks to the work of our tournament co-ordinator, Jodie Marriott who has been responsible for organising volunteers for all of our tournaments this year.

Running a tournament is certainly not a one person job, but especially with this tournament, we would also like to thank Rod Jones for his contributions, coordinating setup and pack up, doing event marshalling (with the help of his son Luc and a few others), covering first aid today and also making some really yummy sandwiches to feed our volunteers at lunch time.  And I almost forgot, Rod was also team captain for “Mojo From The Dojo” and competing himself… amazing!

Today’s tournament was a great fun day with 5 teams (4 from the Sunshine Coast and 1 from the Gold Coast).  But it wasn’t just great fun, there was also some very spirited competition too.


All competitors earned points for their teams today and competition was very close.  But in the end, only one team could be crowned the winners.  Well done to the “Tsuyoi Tigers” from the Gold Coast, who were the champion team today.

Full results are now available for download:  2014-10-19-tournament-results

Tournament champion trophies were awarded for top junior and senior competitor who performed best in both individual kata and individual kumite in their respective divisions.

Senior Tournament Champion – Jack Graham (1st kumite, 2nd kata)
Junior Tournament Champion – Bailey Keefe (1st kata, 1st kumite)

Also, special mention to Kazumi Tominaga who also placed 1st kumite, 2nd kata.  With only one winner for the tournament champion, the only way we could split it was to look at who had the biggest divisions, and today it was Jack, well done.

And as this was our final tournament of the year, it’s time to announce the season champion for the 2014 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament Circuit.

Congratulations – Luke Marriott (Sunshine Coast).

See the full list of the 2014 QLD Rankings to see where you are ranked.

Now, we get to have a few months rest, until the tournament season starts again early next year, as we start forming a squad, training and competing as we work together towards the 2016 Soke Cup to be held in Kumamoto, Japan.

Once again, our resident professional photographer, Jane Graham has taken some great photos, there are a few showing that she’s posted on facebook already, but I have a feeling there will be lots more.  I’ll update photos below soon.  Here are a few to get started.

2014 QLD State Titles Results & Season Rankings

A huge thank to all officials, volunteers, competitors and supporters for making the 2014 QLD Chito-Ryu State Titles a great day. It’s wonderful to see the standard is continuing to improve across all division and the great attitude shown by all competitors.

Here are the results: 2014 QLD State Titles Results.

And a special mention to our tournament champions who were the top competitors in individual kata and kumite.

  • Junior Champion – Eugeny Lee representing Fluffy’s Bunnies (GC dojo)
  • Senior Champion – James O’Grady representing Llama United Party (SC dojo)

For this tournament, we also introduced a team challenge, with the winning team from the Gold Coast (Fluffy’s Bunnies).  Follow the link for full team point score and team listing of the winning team. – Team Challenge Results.

fluffy's bunnies

This tournament was also the third round of the 2014 QLD tournament circuit.  Being the state titles, double points were awarded for this tournament, with this in mind the rankings have changed a bit and there now a few more people in the running.  Top 3 rankings are currently:

  • Eugeny Lee (GC dojo) – 46 points
  • Luke Marriott (SC dojo) – 45 points
  • Sam Lenton (GC dojo) – 40 points

The full list of the 2014 QLD Season Rankings (after round 3).

The next tournament in the circuit is scheduled for Gold Coast, 3rd August.  The Gold Coast tournament was scheduled to be the final tournament for the year, but there may be one additional tournament added to later in the year as we start working toward forming the squad for the 2016 Soke Cup.

Finally, a few photos from our official photographer: Jane Graham.  These are just a few of the preliminary photos, she was very busy yesterday with 86GB of photos to go through and edit.  So it might be a few days before we get to see the whole collection.

A few preliminary photos that Jane has shared:

Jack Graham in action

James O'Grady- kata

David Strazzari - flying high

Helen O'Grady - kata

2013 National Championships Results

Before we get to the results a big thank you to the team of volunteers who helped make the event possible.  In particular a huge thank you to Jodie Marriott, our event coordinator who did a fine job organising all of our volunteers despite a busy work schedule in the lead up to the nationals and having a household full of sick people, herself included.

It was great to see the standard of competition continuing to rise and a few competitors from NSW who joined us for the tournament.  I think this year, Australia will have a very strong team competing at the Soke Cup in Hong Kong next month.

Now, to the results: 2013 Nationals Results

And a big congratulations to our tournament champions:

  • Little Champion: Abigail Amos (Sunshine Coast), 1st kata & 2nd kumite
  • Junior: James O’Grady (Sunshine Coast), 1st kata & 1st kumite
  • Senior: Viktoria Crouch (Newcastle), 1st kata, 1st kumite

Also a special mention to Henrik Flynn who also placed 1st in both kata and kumite, but Junior Tournament Champion went to James being in the more senior division.

Also, as the 4th round of the QLD Chito-Ryu Tournament circuit, this event was worth triple points, so there are a few big gains for some people now the points have been tallied. Season Rankings (after round 4)

Currently, the top 3 positions are:

  • Henrik Flynn (Sunshine Coast) – 99 points
  • Tia Guy (Sunshine Coast) – 74 points
  • Zennjo Searle (Sunshine Coast) – 63 points

Here are a few photos from the event.


Little Champion – Tournament Champion – Abigail Amos, showing offer one of her trophies.

Junior Tournament Champion – James O’Grady – showing off collection of trophies

Some of the Australian Team members after presentation of team uniform

Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Beginner Tournament – Results

Congratulations to all competitors stepping up and competing at Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Beginner Tournament, held at Millwell Rd Community Centre, Maroochydore, Sunday 19th May 2013.  It was great to see so many members stepping up for their first ever tournament today and stepping out of their comfort zones to do it.

Especially a big thank you to Jodie Marriott stepping into the role of tournament director for the very first time.  She’s done a great job coordinating volunteers and making sure that everything ran smoothly on the day.  Of course it’s a team effort and it’s taken a lot of hands to make the day run smoothly so thank you also to everyone else who volunteered their time.

Now, the part that a lot of people are waiting to see… the results.

Luke Marriott, Jean-Luc McGee & Luc Jones – showing off their medal haul.


Cath & Abigail Amos (mother & daughter) – Not bad for your first tournament Cath!


 Klaudia Caston – Not bad for a day’s work. Looking good with only a few months to go before heading to Hong Kong for the Soke Cup.

Friendship Tournament Results & Qld Circuit Rankings

Finally here are the full results from last weekend’s Sunshine Coast Friendship Tournament.  And being the 2nd last Queensland Chito-Ryu tournament for 2012 the season rankings are really going to be a race to the finish with only a few points separating the top 3 competitors.  It’s going to be really interesting to see who wins the $300 cash prize towards covering their personal expenses to compete at next year’s Soke Cup in Hong Kong (if they make the Australian team).

Anyway, let’s get to the results. Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Frienship Tournament (Aug 2012) Results (PDF).

This time around it was all Gold Coast Competitors who took out the tournament champion prizes in each of the 3 categories for best all round competitors.

  • Little Champion – Ray Winson
  • Junior – Cheyenne Ferguson
  • Senior – Darren Goodwin

Would love to see our Sunshine Coast Competitors going down to the Gold Coast next month return the favour 😉

Check out the season rankings – 2012 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament Season Rankings – After Round 5 (PDF).

The current top 3 in the rankings are:

  • Raphael Borleis (Sunshine Coast) – 81 points
  • Ray Winson (Gold Coast) – 80 points
  • Jodie Marriott (Sunshine Coast) – 75 points

Looking forward to see how everyone performs next month on the Gold Coast.

QLD Chito-Ryu State Titles – Results & Round 3 Season Rankings

2012 ICKFA QLD Karate State Title

Congratulations to all members who competed at the 2012 QLD Chito-Ryu State Titles over the weekend (Sunday 20th May).  It is great to see the standard of competition continuing to rise to even higher levels yet again.

As always a huge thank you to all of the referees, officials and volunteers who gave up their time to help make the event possible.  Also a big thank you to competitors and supporters too.

This year, the tournament champions in all categories went to Gold Coast competitors:

  • Little Champion Tournament Champion – Ray Winson
  • Junior Tournament Champion – Cheyenne Ferguson
  • Senior Tournament Champion – Anthony Horgan

Full results available here: 2012 QLD State Titles Results (PDF)

And the top 3 in QLD tournament circuit season rankings are:

  • Jodie Marriott – Sunshine Coast (49 points)
  • Raphael Borleis – Sunshine Coast (48 points)
  • Ray Winson – Gold Coast (45 points)

Full rankings table available here: 2012 QLD Season Rankings – Rd 3 (PDF)

Next tournament will be the Gold Coast Cup, Sunday 17 June 2012.  Forms will be available soon from the dojo.  Double points will be awarded for this tournament towards season rankings.