June 2000 – Instructors Martin & Sandra Phillips opended first dojo, at Millwell Rd Community Centre

Over subsequent year’s a number of small community dojos were opened by Martin and Sandra Phillips leading up to the opening of the first full-time dojo in Maroochydore, the last of these community dojos was closed in December 2005, focussing all efforts to the headquarters until more students gain teaching qualifications and open more dojos. Over this period, community dojos included:

  • Maroochydore Millwell Rd Community Hall Dojo
  • Coolum Gym Dojo
  • Coolum Beach, CWA Hall Dojo
  • Bli Bli Community Hall Dojo
  • Nambour MSC Dojo
  • Kawana Tennis Club Dojo
  • Maroochydore Community Hall Dojo
  • Maroochydore CWA Hall Dojo

August 2001 – Sandra Phillips competed at 7th Soke Cup (International Chito-Ryu™ Karate-do Federation World Championships), Kumamoto, Japan. Sandra placed 2nd in open women’s kumite

July 2001 – Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu™ Karate Association was formed

October 2003 – Maroochydore full-time dojo opened by Martin & Sandra Phillips

October 2003 – Tanaka Sensei’s 1st Sunshine Coast Visit

June 2004 – Brief visit from Kenta Yamaguchi from Japan

June 2004 – 1st Annual Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu™ Karate Championships

August 2004 – A team of 14 competitors entered the 8th Soke Cup (International Chito-Ryu™ Karate-do Federation World Championships), Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Results included 13 medal, including 4 world champions, Sandra Phillips, Terry Gilgen, Sam Henderson and Declan Vanderhor

March 2005 – Soke Sensei’s 1st Sunshine Coast Visit

June 2005 – 2nd Annual Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu™ Karate Championships

June-August 2005 – Keiichiro Oda Sensei – Extended training and teaching visit to assist local instructors Martin & Sandra Phillips after the birth of their first child Sam

March 2006 – Tanaka Sensei’s 2nd Sunshine Coast Visit, accompanied by Naoyuki Chitose Sensei’s 1st visit to the Sunshine Coast

May 2007 – First home grown black belts. Matthew Stevenson, Sam Henderson, Rhys Woodhouse (Jr Shodan), Linh Tran (Jr Shodan).

July 2007 – 9th Soke Cup, Bergen, Norway.

October 2008 – Sensei Martin Phillips, graded to the level Shihan (master instructor).

October 2009 – Local association hosted annual ICKFA National Championships.

October 2009 – First homegrown female black belt – Helen O’Grady.

August 2010 – 10th Soke Cup, Kumamoto, Japan.

October 2011 – First homegrown instructor, Sensei Helen O’Grady.

November 2012 – Sensei Sandra Phillips, graded to the level Yondan (4th degree black belt).

August 2013 – 11th Soke Cup, Hong Kong.   Team of 15 competitors from Sunshine Coast.  Gold medalists:  Keiko Kabasawa – Masters Ladies Kyu Rank Kata (40 yrs +), Renae Saunders – Jr D Girls Kumite (12-13 yrs), Tia Guy – Jr C Girls Kumite (14-15 yrs) and Raphael Borleis – Adult Men’s Kyu Rank U/75kg Kumite.

November 2014 – First homegrown nidan (2nd degree black belt) – Sensei Helen O’Grady

October 2015 – Sensei Martin Phillips, graded to the level godan (5th degree black belt)

July 2016 – Sensei Sandra Phillips, graded to the level godan (5th degree black belt) & shihan (master instructor)

Budo-ka of the Year

Since the humble beginnings of the association, the outstanding commitment from students has been recognised publicly at the end of year presentation, commencing in 2005 a new award was presented for the first time recognising the region’s most outstanding karate-ka, in terms of training, character and leadership.

Year Budo-ka of the Year
2005 Sam Henderson
2006 Rhys Woodhouse
2007 Linh Tran
2008 Helen O’Grady
2009 George Brtichford
2010 Tia Guy
2011 David Strazzari
2012 Jodie Marriott
2013 Bailey Keefe
2014 Bailey Keefe