2014 QLD State Titles Results & Season Rankings

A huge thank to all officials, volunteers, competitors and supporters for making the 2014 QLD Chito-Ryu State Titles a great day. It’s wonderful to see the standard is continuing to improve across all division and the great attitude shown by all competitors.

Here are the results: 2014 QLD State Titles Results.

And a special mention to our tournament champions who were the top competitors in individual kata and kumite.

  • Junior Champion – Eugeny Lee representing Fluffy’s Bunnies (GC dojo)
  • Senior Champion – James O’Grady representing Llama United Party (SC dojo)

For this tournament, we also introduced a team challenge, with the winning team from the Gold Coast (Fluffy’s Bunnies).  Follow the link for full team point score and team listing of the winning team. – Team Challenge Results.

fluffy's bunnies

This tournament was also the third round of the 2014 QLD tournament circuit.  Being the state titles, double points were awarded for this tournament, with this in mind the rankings have changed a bit and there now a few more people in the running.  Top 3 rankings are currently:

  • Eugeny Lee (GC dojo) – 46 points
  • Luke Marriott (SC dojo) – 45 points
  • Sam Lenton (GC dojo) – 40 points

The full list of the 2014 QLD Season Rankings (after round 3).

The next tournament in the circuit is scheduled for Gold Coast, 3rd August.  The Gold Coast tournament was scheduled to be the final tournament for the year, but there may be one additional tournament added to later in the year as we start working toward forming the squad for the 2016 Soke Cup.

Finally, a few photos from our official photographer: Jane Graham.  These are just a few of the preliminary photos, she was very busy yesterday with 86GB of photos to go through and edit.  So it might be a few days before we get to see the whole collection.

A few preliminary photos that Jane has shared:

Jack Graham in action

James O'Grady- kata

David Strazzari - flying high

Helen O'Grady - kata