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Sunshine Coast Tournament Results & QLD Circuit Rankings

A big thank you to all who participated in our first major tournament of the year.  As always it was great to see new competitors stepping up for the first time and of course the regulars back in for more.  Tournaments can be a great way to focus your training and push your skills, but they can also be quite confronting too, so well done to all who participated.

Also a huge thank you to our tournament coordinator Jodie Marriott who did a lot of work in the lead up recruiting, preparing and training volunteers.  And of course thank you to all volunteers and officials who worked hard throughout the whole day.

Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament (30 Mar 2014) – Results

2014 QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Tournament Circuit Season Rankings (Round 1)

And here are a few photos from the day.  More photos available on the Sunshine Coast Karate facebook page.

karate touranment - table officials

Table officials hard at work adding up the kata scores.

team kata spectators

Watching team kata – waiting for their turn

Kumite Luc & Bailey

Kumite action – Luc & Bailey (10-11 Yr Boys)


Karate tournament trophies

Van Topham – showing off his trophies


ICKFA (SC) meeting minutes 1st Feb 2014

We have started the new year with some great things happening in the committee.  We can look forward to some fantastic social events being organised by Cath Amos, our Social and Fundraising Events Co-ordinator.  We had our first committee meeting for the year last Saturday 1st Feb.  Here are the minutes of the meeting ICKFA(SC) Minutes for Meeting 01.02.14  Our next meeting is scheduled to be held on March 22nd at 9am at the dojo.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

ICKFA(SC) Commitee Meeting Minutes 07/09/13

Hi everyone, here are the minutes of our last committee meeting.  Again some exciting things happening, watch out for more information coming out for the scholarship for next year and plans already for 2016 Soke Cup.  The next newsletter will be out shortly also with some great info.  Our next meeting is on 12th October at 9am at the dojo and there are only two more meetings before the AGM.  Anyone is welcome at the meetings, just turn up!    ICKFA(SC) Monthly Minutes 07.09.13


A Great Day At The 2011 Sunshine Coast Championships

Once again thank you to everyone who helped make today a great success.  As usual from an organisation point of view we tried a few new things today in an effort towards the never ending and ongoing improvement to make our tournaments better for everyone.

This time we made the change with our beginner divisions from kumite skills triathlon to just kumite tag.  The kumite tag matches are proving to be really popular both with competitors and spectators.  Also the kumite tag matches are great entry level event for beginners to build up confidence and skills.

Previously we gave the beginners the chance to compete in both kumite and kumite skills triathlon.  But this time we decided that it would be good to make them choose where they best fit in terms of their confidence and ability.  While some competitors are a little bit disappointed with less opportunity to gain points towards the season rankings, it now both seniors and juniors alike the more level playing field rather than potentially tipping the scales towards beginners with more events to enter.

The other big change this time around was the way the divisions were determined.  Rather than just breaking up as usual we decided to mix it up a bit challenge some of the competitors who usually end up with small divisions.  We’ve had some good and bad feedback about this already, but we’re keen to get a bit more feedback about what we’ll do next time.  For some competitors it was an emotional ride as a result, but it definitely served the purpose of stretching some people who were starting to get a little bit too comfortable.  Need to discuss this a little more with other instructors and of course the students affected.

As usual a huge thank you to everyone who stepped up and volunteered their time to help set up, run the event and pack up.  A special thank you to Jim & Emma Moehead, Paul & Henrik Flynn who at the end of a long day came back to the dojo and unpacked everything and took it all upstairs into storage ready for the next tournament.

Anyway, here’s the bit that I’m sure everyone is waiting for… the results & season rankings.

2011 – QLD Tournament Circuit Points Table – Round 3

2011 Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate Championships – Results

We’ll add a few photos and videos later once we’ve had a chance to go through them all.  If you’ve got any great shots, please send them through or post them on facebook.

Great work today everyone.  Keep it up!