ICKFA Codes of Conduct [PDF]


Rules of the Association (Constitution) – v2 [PDF] Adopted at 2020 AGM.

Nomination Form for 2020-21 ICKFA(SC) Management Committee [Google Form]

Committee Meeting Proxy Voting Form [PDF]

2020 AGM Proxy Voting Form [Google Form]


ICKF Tournament Rules (Revised – 1 Feb 2017) [PDF]

Referee gestures & flag signals (Japanese) [PDF]

Table Officials Training Handbook (Revised March 2017)  [PDF]

Tournament rules amendments for Australia

  • Ring size 6m x 6m. Not 8m x 8m
  • Head contact & head gear
    • Juniors U/14 yrs will not wear head gear.  Non-contact head attacks can score.
    • Juniors 14-17 yrs will wear head gear.  Light contact head attacks can score.
    • Adults 18 yrs & above will wear head gear.  Controlled contact head attacks can score.