Day 1: 7th Jan

Two weeks off of regular training and jumping straight into a two week training intensive! What a way to dust off the cobwebs. This mornings class we split into two groups, juniors and seniors. Sensei Martin took the seniors and we did every kata from kihon dosa ichi to the highest we knew. I enjoyed starting the intensive with a fast pace review.

6am Morning Class:

Starting training at 6am wasn’t a struggle as I start work at 5am most days, but my favourite part was training beside new karate-ka. I learnt so much by watching students that I haven’t met before, the way their bodies move and how they execute techniques, makes me remember that you can learn from anybody. I hope that through the next two weeks I can learn more from these students.

Afternoon Class:

The adult class 6-8pm is where you’ll usually find me, but today I started at 3:45  with the little champions. I brought my little sister in to train early with me and she enjoyed training with the under 8yo so much.

The main focus tonight was keeping your head still during kata. Being a female with long hair it is easy to distinguish when my head wobbles as my hair wiggles. I can remember Sensei Helen pulling me up on this multiple times when I was an orange belt so it was good to touch base tonight. When Soke sensei visits, he always emphasises eye focus and keeping your head up straight as it is the basis to a good technique. First basic eye focus, second body, third strong stance to execute the technique. 

Was a great first day back getting into the swing of things. Looking forwards to what the next two weeks can throw at me!