2014 Japan Training Scholarship ‘Preparing to Go’

Well today is the day, I’m all (mostly) packed up and ready to go. Gi’s are in the bag, got my belt and some clothes and toiletries, anything else that fits is a bonus. I think I may have finally figured out how to post blogs (you can safely assume if you are reading this that I did figure it out). All in all it’s looking like a good day and a great start to my trip.

I am excited but I must say, also very nervous about two weeks training at the Sohonbu. There is nothing like training there in morning training amongst the seniors to really make me feel like a white belt again!

I am also a bit nervous about the language barrier. Sensei Sandra gave me a great folder full of useful information a few months ago, most of which is helpful Japanese but I must admit, I’ve been very slack about learning it, languages make my head swim. I have learned a few of the more important phrases though and I know in the dojo I will be ok. Thank goodness we live in an age of technology and translation apps!

I had better go now and finish packing my toothbrush and those last few things…. next update coming soon.



I’m all set, I have 500Yen… enough to get a coffee or some chocolate when I arrive at the airport!


Bags are almost packed