A day of Focusing

Today’s class was very interesting and different.
Firstly we got a surprise visit from Sempi Anthony from the Gold Coast Dojo, it is always great training with him, very uplifting spirit and loves learning more, also brings some educational techniques from what he learns in the Gold Coast Dojo.
We got to focus on our own individual stepping, all step’s in any direction: i was mainly focusing on keeping my heels down and trying to get the whip from my hips. Then we had to add some hand movements, which was easier to work on my hips with, this activity was very helpful for what i want to achieve which is getting more whip into my techniques.                                               We then got to do some Bo work (Shadin) Changing directions and working the hips.

On top of that we got to do some more opponent throwing only using the hips and light arms. which was goo cause i got to work with Sensia Sandra and Anthony, so i go to work with different heights and strengths, which was very helpful as when i done the same throw on both of them i had to alter it so it would work with either their height or strength ect, so i didn’t just get use to doing it that one way. I enjoyed this class very much and i feel as though i have improved with using my hips for the throws instead of just my arms. Also the whip in my hips which i improved a bit in class tonight when the black belt group had to keep repeating Sochin (kata) which is my next grading kata so was good to have time to practise continuously, i focused on the whip in my hips and the pull back for my techniques.