Week 2

Yesterday we attended a Kobodu demonstration practise rehearsal session, kihon bo 1-15.  1-8 I already know, 9-15 however was very new to me. We started learning it last Thursday in our morning kobodu session, and yesterday we got to go through it again and mainly remember the sequence.  The sequence i found easy to remember, the technique on the other hand I found very complicated, much more advanced techniques then i’m used to, especially number 14. I think it is when both hands on the bo are holding the bo the same way, that felt bazaar, and un-natural. I very much enjoyed doing it though I found it fun and love learning new bo techniques and kata’s. My shushi no sho I think is coming along well, with technique, speed and understanding on the kata. I do find number 1 quit hard to grasp though, I never feel completely happy with how it feels, I feel as though i’m no where near where it should be.

We had our first morning training of the week this morning, which was quite similar to every other morning we’ve had with Soke Sensai, we done some partner work where we match each others steps.  We then bring our hands together and one person has a soft movement around the hand and tries to tag.  The other person tries to block and then quickly counter. I couldn’t quite get my hips to work with me for that activity.

We all have the night off tonight celebrating Stevens Birthday then a big day tomorrow with two morning sessions and an afternoon session. Otherwise for now its time to relax and celebrate.