Completed the First week – But much more to go

Definitely was a great week of karate I’ve enjoyed every single lesson I’ve attended so far, yes of course its been a struggle with the heat and the cramped muscles but that’s why I’ve loved it. It makes you work harder and there’s nothing better then the feeling of accomplishment right after you’ve done a big high speed activity and you get to the end and your hearts racing and you have sweat streaming down your face. I personalty love it just makes me feel as though I’ve pushed my self to my limit and higher.

I’ve added a few photos and videos to display what we’ve done through this past week. Great effort from everyone that I’ve had the privilege of doing the intensive with, its great to see that everyone has kept up the great work throughout the whole week. Also a thank you for lifting me up in class and helping me push through each class and helping me work harder and faster.

Lots of FUN!

Yes i will admit i’m looking forward to a bit of relaxing time over the weekend,, watching some movies, sleeping more and having some me time. But i am very much looking forward to the week to come. I’m sure there is much more to do that we have not done yet, and i’m looking forward to some more speed training as it will be more then helpful for the student who gets the scholarship to Japan as circumstances with be much more intense over there.

Training for the scholarship great work guys 🙂 All this extra work is great for not only training for the scholarship but helping us learn more and moving towards our next steps and our goals we want to achieve for this year coming.

Ill see everyone bright and early Monday morning, but for now have a good weekend, don’t get to lazy though haha.