Soke Cup Day 2

Day one was just my kata and team kata divisions, I had my kumite on day 2. I was very happy about this, because I could really get my head into the right state of mind to fight. On Saturday  I was pretty much the support person for people when they had to get ready for their matches. Watching everyone else fight, made me really just want to jump in and have a match with someone. It got me quite excited for the next day when I could compete in my kumite divisions.

Sunday morning I woke up, feeling not so ready to get in there and fight.  I think I got a little bit nervous. Mainly because there’s always this thing I do coming up to a tournament.  I tell myself things like: every time they attack just block and counter, or only aim for the body as my head shots never really work for me, or just follow through and keep attacking instead of stopping after 2 techniques… Every time I do that I feel confident about it, but as soon as the match starts I think too much about it, get lost in my thoughts and because of that I always loose the match and never do what i tell myself to do.

With this in mind, I decided to go in without a plan of what to do, instead, I was just gonna stay light on my feet, keep my guard up and just deal with whatever comes my way.  I have done enough training to do something with it and use it to my advantage. As soon as i got to the tournament venue that morning, I listened to some Eminem music and got straight on the mats. Just moving around getting use to the feeling of the matts, doing some of my combinations and the 8 direction movements. Mainly just getting my body warm, getting it moving trying to get a bit hot and sweaty. It seems as though if I go into a match feeling as though I’ve already had 2 matches I fight better.  When I’m properly warmed up, I’m ready, faster and my head’s more in the game, so that’s what i was working towards.

I was on the mats warming up and jumping around until we got told to get off the mats for divisions to start. Sami also came over and helped me warm up.  We did some small matches and each time Sami would do a different fighting style.  Thanks sami, it was actually very helpful. After I was told to get off the mats i sat in the marshalling area, watching other people fight. Getting ready for my fight I was trying not to think about my match, just watching the other matches was a great distraction. So many great points were scored, also a bit of wrestling on the ground was going on as well, and many injuries. Every match that went on was interesting to watch.  I very much enjoyed it, every match was always different and very action packed.

“Klaudia Caston”… well it sounded nothing like that but eventually they found me to line me up for my division. I was the first fight up which I was and wasn’t happy about.  I wanted some time to watch the first fight as i was up getting warm, but sadly I didn’t have time for that. There were two 16 year olds and two 18 year olds in my division.  There were two from Japan and there was Tiffany and I from Australia. I don’t actually know who I fought first, but walking onto the mat up to the line i was quite nervous but also didn’t have time to be nervous.  I was also very excited to get in there and fight someone I’ve never fought before.

“Hajime”… to start off with i was just keeping my distance, I wasn’t going to loose my head and rush in for the first attack.  I dont know who attacked first but i got the first point to the body I think. I can’t give you to much detail, when your in the match it all goes so fast you dont really realise what is happening sometimes. back to the line…

“Aka chudan zuki ippon”

What?  I didn’t even know i scored, yay good for me.

I got back in there jumping around a bit, then I go for a round house kick at the same time my opponent moves in so it turns into a knee to the side, but as i bring my foot back down well lets just say there i am on the ground holding my ankle.  Damn thing, I just want to cut it off.  I must have rolled it or sprained it.  It was on the same ankle that was already injured. So hobbling back to the line, only one good foot left.

I was so angry that it had to happen today in my first match.  I was thinking well this is going to mess me up.  I can’t keep up to these girls now, I can’t even walk! But anyway the match had to continue, point straight away to the opponent, and guess what another point to the opponent! Typical, I actually would of had a chance if my ankle didn’t get hurt.

I felt ready, I felt great before the match. I think when I got back in there, I knew she was going to win so i just went for it.  I pushed the pain away and attacked, I scored! Yes.  I still didn’t have too much hope but after getting that point I could feel the adrenaline rush through me and I was ready to go again.  I got out there knowing time was running out I did another sequence of attacks and I scored. “Aka no kochi!”

I won the match! I couldn’t believe it.  That was my goal, done.  I’d achieved it, even with an injury I was quite proud of myself. As soon as I got off the ring I sat down and I actually cried.  I never cry.  It wasn’t because of the pain, I think it was because I was so angry that it had to happen on this day, when for the first time ever i actually felt great.  I was attacking, I was quick, clean shots, I was light on my feet and I though I had a very good chance to come first or second, I was just hungry I had the fight in my eyes and my heart.

I got told to go to the other side.  I literally hopped the whole way around.  I was scared they were going to tell me I couldn’t fight.  I dont actually know if there was a fight before mine or I whether I was up straight away.  I think I must have been straight up, because as soon as I put the ice pack on I was called up to fight. Not good, didn’t even have time to rest the ankle.

I hobbled onto the ring.  To be honest, this fight went too fast, I dont even know what happened.  I do know that I definitely scored one point, possibly two.  I can’t actually remember.    I lost that match but I was still so happy that I scored one or two points.  That was still great considering the pain. If my ankle was good, I felt as though i could have won that match, but we’ll never know.

I’m  out now though, as soon as you loose a match your out. Oh well, I think I still did well.  I was happy and I achieved my goal.  I have no complaints. A lot better then I was expecting.

After the division Tiffany had to help me off the court back to the marshalling area. Sempai Anthony then carried me to the first aid area, where they sprayed me with this really cold stuff and taped me up. Thank you Anthony and Tiffany I appreciate the help, I needed it.

Team kumite in less than an hour, yay! I’m not the kind of person to give up or pull out especially after I have trained for so long for this day.  I wasn’t going to just sit out.  It’s just not who I am. So they put me first the in order As yes i had a chance to score a point but a low chance to  win the match.  So it was all up to Renae and Tiffany to win their matches.  I’m sorry girls but least we had a shot and got the do some more matches instead of forfeiting.

I did score a point.  It was a good point too, it had good pull back and was speedy.  I know that one was to the body but then my opponent scored three points on me in a row.  Considering that I was pretty much moving around on one foot I’m still happy to have scored. There was three teams.  A Japanese team which we fought first, a Canadian team and us, the Australian team.  Because we were running out of time we didn’t actually get to fight the Canadian team, the Japanese team won twice and they just determined that the Canadians came second because they scored more points against the Japanese team then we did.  I was unhappy about this, I wanted to fight them.  I think we would of had a close call between the two teams if we had the chance to fight them.  Anyway judges ruling, had to respect their decision.

I was happy to be done though to rest my foot.  It was hurting so much I managed to make my way up to the seating area, in time to watch the drummer preform his demonstration. It was the same one he did at the start of the tournament, but was still very entertaining to watch. After the drummer there was the finals for the Mens Team Kumite, it was Australian v’s Japan.

It was great to watch.  Pretty much every point people were oooing and ahhing also some “ouch that would have hurt” getting yelled out amongst other things. And it was very entertaining, Our team had Sensei Martin, Sensei Adam, Anthony, Keanu and Brendan. Watching all those matches was so exciting, wondering who would score. As that was going on there was some AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI”S going on competing with the Japanese squad right next to us chanting for their team.  I dont know what they were saying haha, but it was hard to over power the amount of noise they were making. Our Australian team came second, great work guys!

Time to pack up the matts and do the finishing ceremony, medal presentations and a few finishing speeches. Somehow calling out the girls from my kumite division, I heard my name for 3rd place.  What that can’t be right they must of made some kind of mistake there. I had no idea that I came 3rd.  At the end of each division for everything they dont tell you the results they just bow and we leave the arena which was annoying you just wanted to know what happened.

But it was an amazing surprise for me.  I was very happy that I made it.  I wasn’t expecting it at all and I wasn’t even trying to place. We also got presented for our team kumite.

Congrats to Sami who got best spirit in her kumite fighting. Amongst many other Australians who placed in their divisions and who got age champions there was many Australians being called up. Great work every one, you all done so great and over all I think we should all be so proud of the work that we’ve all done.

I think a thank you to Anthony to keep everyone’s spirits up and keep the fight going in everyone and thanks for using your voice for our chants.

Thanks you Sam Hunt for being such a great supporter throughout the weekend, taking videos being there for literally everyone’s matches rooting for them and helping them out and for carrying my bag to the tram.

Thank you personally Sami for warming up with me and keeping my spirits and and making me laugh.

Thank you Sandra and Martin for the support and great advice and teaching before hand, it definitely prepared me for this weekend.  I was prepared and ready.

Whoops sorry guys gotta go through security whoops at the airport now doing the blog hehe gotta run.

But after we had some opportunities to do some photo bombing.