The home stretch

We are getting to the end of the second week of the intensive and it continues to challenge and push me. So what is different about the intensive compared to regular training? I usually do 4 or 5 sessions a week, doubling it shouldn’t have that much of an impact I would have thought. The early morning starts have been quite nice, as I am usually not an early riser. But they don’t call it an intensive for nothing, the main difference about the last two weeks of training has been the intensity (big surprise!) Pushing through the pain and not giving up has been a real test for me, and I feel I am better for it.

Take Thursday night’s class as an example, would you say you could do 1500+ punches in a row? I would have had my doubts, but that is what we did. It was painful, mainly from the stitch I had from the first hundred punches or so, but it is an accomplishment that I am proud of, and everyone who did it should be proud of themselves.

I am looking to finish strong for the last remaining classes, and then it is off to the beach for early morning beach training on Saturday.