How I am holding up after a week of training

Its already Friday, wow!  Doesn’t feel like we’ve been here that long but it’s also feels like each day is a few days long. Not sure how that works. I am getting use to the heat but my feet are cutting out on me, getting very achy and sore, I haven’t yet attended a class with 100% energy, I’ve been mostly training with 80% – 90%, so I’m guessing I’m still getting use to these conditions.

We’ve been having a few late nights. On Wednesday, we went to a big open gym to train, as the sohonbu was too small to train in for kobudo training.  We didn’t get home until 10:15 and every morning we wake up at 6:00am for either park training or morning sessions with Soke Sensai, so it has been a bit difficult to get a good night’s rest. I think it all caught up to me yesterday as I actually had two naps during the day and didn’t feel like going out and adventuring at all. It was actually weird to sleep during the day I don’t usually do that unless I am really really out of energy. But I am really enjoying the training and am learning a lot from a lot of different Sensei.  I’m am enjoying having a few hours just to sit around and do nothing.  Back home I don’t have any time for that at all, I’m always going from one thing straight to the next and am lucky to get a good 7 hours of sleep a night. So, it’s good just resting here through the day, I think I definitely need it.

We have one or two more sessions for the day and Sami is going to lead us through a stretch tomorrow morning and have a chat about how we are all holding up, then we got the weekend which I’m hoping to do some sightseeing and adventuring. Then getting back to our last week of training in the Sohonbu, which I’m scared will go way too fast.