Only Legs

So tonight’s class was a tad different but was a great lesson
The class was a bit more slow and a focus night.                                                                                       I was able to work on my pull back in class not just for my punches but for everything mainly just getting the pull back to initiate the technique instead of focusing on the technique that’s going out, by focusing on the pull back for it will actually give you more reach and more speed and accuracy for the technique, something that i have to work on quite a bit more but was good to have time for it tonight.

Also another interesting yet kinda difficult thing we focused on tonight was our lower body (legs, hips and feet.) Was understanding how important our lower body is to our techniques, to understand this we have to go through all the kata’s with only using our lower body, just with our hands behind our back. It was quite interesting as we usually forget how critical our lower body is because we are usually mainly thinking about what our arms, chest and head are doing. While we was doing this it made us really work on what our legs were doing so without our arms the technique would still work.

Later in class Sensia Sandra had us black belt’s attack each other and we had to step in and pretty much only use our legs to throw them we could only use our arms mainly just to direct where they were falling. and we was allowed to contact them with our hands until we had stepped in and started to feel them more. its actually a bit surprising how difficult it is sometimes not relying on your arms so much. But it was a great lesson to be learnt and i would really like to do more focusing on this in class. Something i found that not just me but a few of us black belts was doing was they weren’t stepping in with their hips as much as they should of been me also, but as we started doing this it was much easier to put the opponent in an unbalanced position so it was then much easier to through them or disable them