Intensive COMPLETE

This morning the annual beach training was beautiful and a great way to finish up the 2 week intensive on a good note. My favourite part was definitely getting out of my sandy gi and into the water. Well done Sensei Matt for teaching as well, great session!


There is a scholarship in our dojo held every year usually to go to Japan, but because of the Soke Cup it will be in Canada this year. When applying, I believe that there are only few requirements to make the cut for being a good candidate. First, we had to of course take part in the 2 week intensive which is held at the beginning of every year. Second, we had to write blog posts on our experiences and our training throughout the intensive. At first I thought this would be difficult, but being able to document my thoughts is just like having a training journal and has been very helpful to make me think about what I have been learning. Lastly, I believe having a great training attitude is the key. The scholarship is open to anyone 3rd Kyu and above and I recommend this to anyone looking for some improvement in their training.

This year there were only two of us who applied for the opportunity to go to Canada for the training scholarship, both Renae and myself. I feel like if either of us were to win the scholarship I would be happy because I know we have both been working very hard, especially over the past 2 weeks for this amazing opportunity.

I think Renae would be a great candidate for the 2019 scholarship to Canada. First of all, being able to train with her always feels like such a positive environment to be in with lots of energy. As well as seeing her training, but training along side Renae makes me get to see how hard she has been working and lifting others around her as well. Even though she hasn’t been able to get to every session due work commitments, I can see the effort she puts in and makes the most of every session she does get to.

If I were to be selected for the scholarship, it would be an amazing opportunity because in the past year or two, I have started to work even harder and push ahead more than ever. This trip would not only be amazing to get to train with new people, but it would help me get so much closer, if not achieve goals in my karate.

Overall, this 2 weeks has been a great experience to get the wheels turning for the year especially with the others who I have been so fortunate to get to work with closely for the intensive. Thanks and congratulations to Renae, Savannah, William, and Bailey for being great training partners and everyone else I have gotten to work with to start off 2019.