What motivates me

As the second day of the training intensive is over, I am pondering on what I want to get out of the next two weeks in the dojo. I have two main motives for my training, one is to attend every lesson as a requirement for the training scholarship, and the other is to see how I feel after I complete the two week intensive. I know that if I can complete the training intensive (and in this hot weather), any doubts of being able to train in other situations will be quashed.

I am already feeling soreness in my muscles, but it is a good kind of soreness. And I know by day 4 or 5 my muscles should be used to it. Stretching was a big part of tonight’s class on day 2, and flexibility relies on consistent stretching. I am far from the most flexible guy in the world (or even our class), and improving flexibility is one of the things that should greatly improve my overall karate, in both technique and control. It will be good to see if I can improve my hip and leg flexibility over the next two weeks with more stretching than usual.

Image is not a true representation of my current flexibility 🙂