Day 3: 9th Jan

So much feedback tonight, I am still absorbing it all. Tonight’s sessions were both physically and mentally exhausting, I don’t think they were any more difficult than the previous days, the lactic build up around my muscles and the physical exhaustion was a real contributing factor though. In times like this it is when you really need to dig deep and remember what motivates you. When I feel like giving up and my head is feeding me alternative thoughts, I have to remember why I started and what I’m working towards. Putting in that little bit of extra effort now will result in big gains.

If you think that you’re already giving 100%, dig a little deeper and give another 10%. By proving you are capable of this will not only grow yourself, but will influence upon everybody else around you. Tonight I really tried to show this and hopefully I can continue this throughout the entire two week intensive. When you think you have reached your limit, it is just a thought, pushing through the mental barrier of pain and doubt is what will get you to your next level or goal.

Feed off of everybody’s energy to grow yourself