Keeping up the hard work

Day 3, this is probably the hardest day of the Karate 2 week intensive.
Your muscles all around your body are throbbing and cramping up, your energy is running low and your mind is wondering all over the place and makes it hard to focus on an activity.

However as I walked into class today feeling all of these things, I was thinking about what I was doing.II was motivated to participate in the 2 week intensive, not only for the Japan Scholarship but for my self growth, and for my training to help me get to my next goal. So as I walked up the stairs and sat in seiza I was thinking “A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” Joyce Brothers, so I started thinking about what I want to get out of the two week intensive:

1) Expand outside my box – This 2 two week intensive is perfect for self growth, as it is a high intensive workout that takes a lot of motivation and determination to keep up and attend every class till the end. This is definitely very different to my normal weekly karate schedule, and I do believe that this will help me grow body and soul with the amount of high intense Karate that I will be doing,

2) Basics – Because I have been starting the afternoon classes at 3:45 with the little champions I have been able to work on the basics of karate a lot more. This, focusing on my heels sticking to the ground for my stances, working on my body structure (keeping my head up and my shoulders back) and also working on the end position of my kicks and punches.

3) Preparation for the Scholarship – If I am the one to receive the Japan scholarship, this training we are doing now is perfect, especially the morning classes.  With the fast speed activities in the heat and sweat running down my face I imagine the circumstances that will be far more intense and hotter with lots more high intense body movement while training in Japan with Soka Sensei and I know this current training is valuable.

With these goals in my mind, it will be all the motivation I will need to keep me pushing through the pain and the heat and I will be able to achieve my goals.

I am very much looking forward to the training  and the lessons yet  to be learnt during the next week and a half of this intensive.