Bad start to a (hopefully) good week

The title says it all. Sunday night I went to bed thinking ‘wow I can’t wait to go to karate tomorrow night, it’ll be so fun!’

Fast forward to the following morning, where getting up later than anticipated resulted in not eating a decent breakfast to get to work on time which resulted in feelings of dizziness and nausea. Plus it was hot.

Despite throwing up, I spent the entire day battling nausea and no desire to eat. Thankfully I managed to shove something down before karate and drink bucketloads of water because that made me feel slightly better.

For a while I didn’t think I would make it to karate that afternoon. I debated saying I was too sick to go, but that’s not the point of the intensive. The intensive is about turning up no matter how horrible you feel. Sure, I requested to take it easy and Sensei Martin and Sandra were more than accommodating, but turning up was the real win. Despite feeling awful, I tried my hardest to challenge myself and stretch a little further and use my hips properly in the final lesson.

My favourite part about training today was that we got to work with lower belts and give them pointers on kata. I love learning new things about kata just so I can pass them on to junior belts and help them improve. Even people around my own belt. I love passing on knowledge and experience and helping someone come closer to their own individual goal. Today allowed me to do that.

The next week is going to be even more challenging than the week past. Last week we were coming off a holiday and my muscles were not used to being pushed. This week represents the finish line in sight and it’s torturous. There’s four more days before we’ve officially survived this training, and then there’s the Saturday beach training to go to as well.

Last week went so fast, and this one will too. It’s only four days. So bring it on!