Day 10: Bike rides

After a long day yesterday we are back for another long day today. Today we headed out to around the same place as yesterday, to Myra Canyon. This time we went out for a long bike ride with Taneda Sensei.

On the way there, there were a few mishaps… First, the bikes fell off the truck and if I didn’t see them fall off, we would’ve completely lost them. And then it happened a second time! Thankfully we were able to make it the rest of the way there with the bikes intact.

The first half of the ride was exhausting. I was peddling so fast and I was literally moving no where. I tried changing the gears, but it wasn’t working. Once were almost half way, we figured out that one of the gears was completely broken from falling from the truck and it wasn’t all my fault after all. But, once it was fixed as much as we could we get on our way through the very scenic ride.

As we got on with our ride, we encountered some very cute, little squirrels. Taneda Sensei brought along some nuts to feed them and surprisingly they were quite tamed and friendly.

Once we reached the end it was time to head off for training I’m the park. In the car I fell accidentally fell asleep. We ended up arriving a bit late, but we needed a bit of food before getting back into it. Overall, it was an amazing day!