Day 7: Parade

Yesterday we had a nice early start to our Saturday morning ready for a big day. First up, we participated in a parade in West Bank called Westside Daze. This was my first ever parade that I’ve been in, so this was an exciting experience. As soon as we arrived, I completely forgot my gi top, but thankfully someone was kind enough to lend me one.

For the parade there was a group of people doing some bunkai on the back of a big trailer, a very big group doing zenshin kotai, a group of people doing kumite and one doing weapons. I was apart of the group doing kumite, but every second time we stopped, we would do zenshinkotai as well. Although we would only have about three turns at doing a combination each everytime we stopped, it was really hot. It was also my first time using this type of bogu which was really different to what I’m used to wearing.

After the main performance part of the parade, we all hopped onto the back of the truck and we got our water guns out ready for the water fight. I didn’t really get too wet, but it was still really good fun being a part of it.

After the parade, we all headed down to Bear Creek where we all just socialised and had lunch in the park. Whilst we were there, I was given an awesome hat, but I’m not too sure the rest of the team will be too happy about.

Whilst we were here, we played a game called Ninja. It would be pretty hard to try explain here, but when I get back home I’m sure I’ll it a go at explaining it. It got pretty competitive which I loved.

Lastly, we ran a track which was probably only around 2.5km, but it was still challenging. It was only optional to run it, but it was my first time, so I thought I should just run it.

Basically the first half was all up hill and it was really steep. Right at the very start was a big lot of stairs which we had to do twice and I was already dying and it was only the start. But, the second half of the track was mostly down hill which I was grateful for, but I was pretty sure my legs were going to give out. Once we finished the track we had to walk all the way back up to the top to meet the rest of the team there. It was exhausting.

Big shout out to Faith for being such a trooper! She was just in front of me for most of the track and when I caught up to her, she was giving some great tips along the way. Her little legs were probably moving twice as fast as mine and she did not give up. At the end I ended up in front of her and I was starting to walk back up again and then I saw her coming down the last hill, so I waited for her and we finished it together.

After walking back up the hill to meet the team there, Senpai Mike reminded me of doing my jump. So, for yesterday’s jump I explained how to do it to everyone with the photo of just me and then we all did an amazing group photo. This one is by far my favourite picture!