Training as it comes

It continues to be a productive week, just a couple more days to go though and I’m looking forward to the beach training at Mooloolaba on Saturday, I hope many of my fellow students will be able to attend as more is always merrier at special training events and we get to swim afterwards or during the training. I also heard everyone gets to try and throw sensei martin in the water which will be challenging haha but we will see what happens!

We had an interesting session of throwing and sumo style wrestling in class yesterday where I got thrown backward while I jumped up by Andrew, it was a decently hard fall but very fun. We then lined up in order of size and weight and had a mini instant elimination round, it made it easier that we could drive the opponent out of the ring as well, which I used. Jack came up against me and there was a good wrestle before we both went down at the same time while kneeing each other… ouch haha though I feel that everyone starts out with good technique in mind, but when the wrestle gets more intense it sort of goes out the window and all sorts of interesting things and methods happen.

Its only Wednesday and the fatigue and muscle soreness has set in, so stretching is a number one priority at the moment. I’ve been waking up before my 5:30 alarm though which is very unusual for me as I love my sleep ins, should probably go to sleep earlier though haha.

On another note, I’ve been finding it hard to increase my weight, as my goal is to be above 75kg for this year’s tournaments so I feel fair to compete in the 75+kg division and have some extra weight to throw back at my opponents in the ring. I started in October when I bought a bag of mega mass protein, I used that and started to lift low rep, heavy weights in bench press, deadlifts and curls. I also ate as much as my stomach could possibly hold every day (which is just as much effort as working out sometimes surprisingly). This lasted just over 2 months, I have reached between 72-74 kgs depending on the day but still can’t crack the 75kg mark. I have since become lazier in my eating habits but maybe that’s just my body’s natural weight, or maybe I’m not trying hard enough haha

I’m still looking for my super Saiyan of the week, though I’m pretty sure I have a good idea who it is, so I am looking forward to trying to remember how to use Photoshop tomorrow haha