Expand your Box out of your comfort zone

This morning in Class Sensai Sandra talked about Pushing the lines of your Comfort zone, not only in karate but every aspect in your life. But talking in a karate circumstance like this morning, Sensai Sandra led us through some very high intensive high speed basics and kata’s, it was hot, sweaty and sticky,  what you do is push through it keep going at your best ability, don’t worry if your techniques are off target or you feel as though your all over the place and nothing is working, just keep going, keep pushing and if you can do that you expand your abilities and your expectations of yourself expand. There is obviously times to relax and be comfortable and then expand outside your limits, if you can keep this going you will always be moving forward in life, you will grow and change and expand. The challenge is to not only be out of your comfort zone when other people are pushing you, but learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone as well, just like self discipline learn to be able to do it to yourself and that way you can grow faster and in your own time.

I found today I was pushing through all the hotness and fatigue, I tried to set an example so I could help the people around me to not give up and to push through it with me, so they could look to me and share my spirit and energy with me.

I like to think I’ve always done this since I’ve been doing karate, I remember always looking to the more advanced belts and tried to do what they was doing following by there example, I think that helped me get to where I am today not just in karate but my life outside of karate as well.