Sunshine Coast Chito-Ryu Karate – 2024 Winter Tournament

Sunday, 9th June 2024 @ Pacific Paradise State School

We are excited to be hosting our 2024 Winter Tournament, Sun 9 June at the Pacific Paradise State School.

Entries close: Sun, 26 May 2024

Why Compete?

Tournaments are a great way to grow your skills and see how you perform under pressure. All students are encouraged to participate, either as a competitor or as a volunteer to help run the event.

Local tournaments are a great stepping stone for those who are interested in competing internationally at the Soke Cup. The Soke Cup brings together the top Chito-Ryu competitors from around the world and is usually held every 3 years.

The next Soke Cup will be held on the Gold Coast in 2026. Even if you’ve never competed before, this tournament could be your first step towards earning a place on the Australian team. Even if that’s not a goal just yet, this is a great opportunity for match practice and an opportunity to put your skills to the test under tournament conditions.

Competitors from the Sunshine Coast have represented at every Soke Cup since 2001 and over the years has produced many world champions and world championship medallists.

Even if you have never competed yet, we know that there will be many students who have the potential to not only represent our dojo & Australia, but also have the potential to win at international level of competition. It all starts by getting involved in local tournaments such as this.

We Ask Some Karate Kids – “What do you like most about tournaments?”

Tournament Rules

This tournament will operate under the ICKF Tournament Rules (Revised – 1 Feb 2017), with a few adjustments as detailed below.

The Kumite & Little Chamions Basic Skills events will operate using a knockout style draw. Kata, Team Kata & Kubujutsu events will operate using the score card system.

Kumite (sparring) – head contact & head gear:

  • Juniors U/14 yrs will not wear head gear.  Non-contact head attacks can score.
  • Juniors 14-17 yrs will wear head gear.  Light contact head attacks can score.
  • Adults 18 yrs & above will wear head gear.  Controlled contact head attacks can score.

Kumite (sparring) – match duration

  • U/14 yrs – 1 min 30 sec
  • 14 yrs & above – 2 mins

In this tournament there will be a special event just for Little Champions (children 4-7 years). Little Champions Basic Skills – Tournament Event. Here’s an overview of the event including video examples demonstrating the routines and the competition format.

Some additional resources for referees & officials:

Events & Divisions

All students will have the opportunity to compete against others of a similar age & level in a number of different events:

  • Little Chamions Basic Skills (4-7 yrs only)
  • Individual Kata (Sequence performance)
  • Team Kata (Teams of 3)
  • Kumite (Sparring)
  • Kobujutsu Kata (Weapon performance)

If there are sufficient numbers of entries, events will be broken up into the following divisions. However, if there are insufficient entries to run a division, divisions may be combined or adjusted.

Little Champions Basic Skills (4-7 Yrs Only)

  • 4-5 Years, All Levels
  • 6-7 Years, White – Orange Stripe Belt
  • 6-7 Years, Green Stripe Belt & Above

Individual Kata (Sequence performance)

  • 4-9 Years, LC White – Orange Belt (10th Kyu)
  • 8-9 Years, Green Belt (9th Kyu) & Above
  • 10-13 Years, White – Green Belt (8th Kyu)
  • 10-13 Years, Blue (7th Kyu) & Above
  • 14-17 Years, White – Green Belt (8th Kyu)
  • 14-17 Years, Blue (7th Kyu) – Purple Belt (4th Kyu)
  • 14-17 Years, Brown (3rd Kyu) & Above
  • Adults (18-39 Years), White – Green Belt (8th Kyu)
  • Adults (18-39 Years), Blue (7th Kyu) – Purple Belt (4th Kyu)
  • Adults (18-39 Years), Brown (3rd Kyu) & Above
  • Masters (40 Years +), White – Green Belt (8th Kyu)
  • Masters (40 Years +), Blue (7th Kyu) – Purple Belt (4th Kyu)
  • Masters (40 Years +), Brown (3rd Kyu) & Above

Team Kata (Teams of 3)

Team kata divisions are determined by the rank of the most senior person in the team.

  • All ages, Beginner (White – Green Belt)
  • All ages, Intermediate (Blue – Purple Belt)
  • All ages, Advanced (Brown – Black Belt)

Kumite (Sparring)

  • 4-5 Years, Male
  • 4-5 Years, Female
  • 6-7 Years, Male
  • 6-7 Years, Female
  • 8-9 Years, Male
  • 8-9 Years, Female
  • 10-11 Years, Male
  • 10-11 Years, Female
  • 12-13 Years, Male
  • 12-13 Years, Female
  • 14-15 Years, Male
  • 14-15 Years, Female
  • 16-17 Years, Male
  • 16-17 Years, Female
  • 18-39 Years, Male, U/70kg
  • 18-39 Years, Male, O/70kg
  • 18-39 Years, Female
  • 40-59 Years, Male
  • 40-59 Years, Female

Kobujutsu Bo Kata (Weapon performance)

  • Kids & Teens (17 Yrs + Under), Open Rank
  • Adults (18-39 Yrs), Open Rank
  • Masters (40 Yrs +), Open Rank

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions about the tournament, please be sure to speak to instructors or dojo staff.

Entries close: Sun, 26 May 2024