Soke Cup 2010 – Fund Raising & Athlete Support Policy

The following policy has been proposed by the management committee to ensure equitable distribution of club funds to support athletes at the 2013 Soke Cup in Hong Kong, based on the effort and contribution of members in the lead up to that event.

Competitors from the Sunshine Coast Dojo who participated in the 2010 Soke Cup in Japan were subsidised up to $850.00 each through fundraising undertaken in the 3 years leading up to the event.

Funds are raised through Bunnings BBQs, profits from various tournaments, applications for grants and various social events such as trivia nights.

These funds would not have been raised if parents and students had not volunteered to participate in the various fund raising activities.

Your Club Committee is already looking towards the 2013 Soke Cup in Hong Kong and how funds will be raised to subsidise those competitors who through their hardwork and perseverance, are selected to represent Australia in the world championships.

To ensure equity for all, a volunteer rewards system will be introduced. Parents and and students who actively participate in club events that raise funds towards the Soke Cup will earn rewards. These rewards will be attributed towards subsidies allocated to Soke Cup competitors in 2013.

If you are a non-competing parent the points you accumulate will go towards your children.

The final distribution of funds will be determined by the number of points that a member accumulates over the next 3 years in the lead up to the Soke Cup.

Committee Position President
25 points
Committee Position General Member 15 points
Bunnings BBQ Per 2 hour shift 5 points
Bunnings BBQ Set Up or Clean Up Shift 8 points
Tournament Official Coordinator
Table Official
First Aid Officer
10 points
Social Events BBQ Cook
Games Organiser
5 points
Grant Applications Writing and submission 15 points